maanantai 27. tammikuuta 2014

In which way do you live

Life in the wild nature has it's hardships of predators and climate, and it\s beauty of healthy harmony and wisdom of life with superb intelligence and skill.
Watching Tv nature documentaries one first observes both the beauty of nature and the dangers of getting eaten and the emphazis on having offspring. Of human life one knows that it is not the years that count when you measure your own life, but the way you managed to live those years. Sometimes we get stuck to not at all wise habits and miss our years which should have been lived with a full heart. Sometimes we come into life, for a moment or so we live fully. In the nature there is always a predator lurking somewhere. One cannot stay alive and lose all one's time in nasty habits. Instead one has to live each moment fully. Such is an important part of the wisdom of nature.
In nature those with poor habits and not enough skill get easily eaten away. While those with lots of skill in the art of living flourish and get lots of offspring.
In life it matters what you do and how you do it. So the wisdom of nature matters a lot. When we humans look for better ways to do things, there is the example of wild nature to copy from. One cannot copy from it pretending to be like the animals, for example a predator. Instead one can copy on a very general level and by being social via gesture language, not to copy the things done but the way of doing, not to copy the style of doing but the level of wisdom and skill.

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