sunnuntai 3. toukokuuta 2015

Nature in different countries

Valuing the nature offers a way to overcome healthily local culture's shortcomings like too tough working life, studies and school. Where the individual gets squeezed too much, predators show the way to healthy self defence, for more room for oneself, whether it is nonviolently or in a some kind of fight. On the other hand, where the culture allows lots of freedom, like in Finland, there aren't so many big predators in the nature, more like tiny singing birds emhasized in view of the nature.

Dogs are closer to the nature than most apes which rae more human like.
Some cultures which live mostly in cities, seem to watch animals too from a human perspective. There respect for the big predators often does the task of valuing the nature in bringing healthy influence of superior animal skill to human lives.
It would be important to have at least some contact with the nature: more parks, more green bushes and undergrowth left, more places planned (in the Finnish way) for walking among the trees: not too thick woods but part of the trees and bushes cut down so as to allow beatiful paths everywhere among the trees, bushes and undergrowth. It makes nature closer and more valued, the beauty kind of replacing the big predator as a mass of nature influence.

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