torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2015

Learning from animals

Wild animals and to some extend also pets have a skill of living a natural kind of life according to feelings. In it the different parts of life like planning and action work together effortlessly, with spontaneity too.
When a human meets an animal, the animal typically teaches by it's example or birds by singing the human being what a psontaneous life according to feelings is like for that human being. S they urge by their example the human being to do what is spontaneously in his/her mind at that moment. That is why many people think that animals seem concentrated to food isssues. Likewise many think that bird song encourages one to look at the beauty of nature. In the new year birds may sing pong pox pou fun to shoot rockets. Likewise they often encourage a person to do with fun the chores he/she is right then motivated to. So in a way we do not get a picture of what the animals are like but of what we ourselves are like from the side of spontaneous feelings. So it is often with friends too.

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