tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2016

Comparing nature to human chaos in wisdom of life

The nature in different countries of the world is widely different and somehow dependent or born from the same kind of characteristics in the environment as human culture in that area. So my views are born from the Finnish nature and from life in Finland. But these questions are something that typically only foreigners ponder about and Finns seem to have the answers to them already.
So what if the insects eat other insects and birds eat insects and otherwise sit singing on a branch. Is that like cannibals or some medieval military chaos? I think not. Humans doing such things typically aren't thought of as doing them wisely, with relief to all. But animal seem to bring relief to others, kind of more natural, better, more harmonical, more relaxing, wiser way of doing things without tough realism. Humans always seem to be choosing between too naive, too malicious, too retreating, too thoughtless, too unwise, too rigid, too artificial, too sloppy, too unskilled, too stiff, etc. Animals seem to have found the right balance: well motivated things with common sense and skill, with feelings and a picture of the world, with social feelings too, with wisdom of life, with greater mission, with enthusiastic freetime, etc.
If a human is hungry, an adult human, and want to eat a alot, is that like a young worm eating some other insect? I think not. The human has had time to learn other skills, he is on purpose negligient and cynically thoughless about others, shortsighted compared to what he could be and without wisdom of life,t oo proud. The worm is very young and very hungry since it is growing and just learning about life. It is not hunting, it is stumbling to things, eating others like an accident, like aasociating with a too young fellow can sometimes cause minor harm, or even greater. Youth is a part of life, negligient adults are something to avoid.

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